Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Dec 21 Entry

Quick and dirty game summary

Standing over the vanquished body of the spellweaver, the group wonders what to do next. Ria and Vikaris receive and urgent summons to return to Flamekeep, their mission is unknown but presumably of utmost importance.
After a discussion with the White Lotus headmaster, the group decides that the city of Sharn and Morgrave University is the best lead to decipher the secrets of the book – now known to be written in abyssal – an old, rare, and even dangerous language. The headmaster is willing to fund the trip but insists a member of the faculty accompany the group – and Eden is introduced.
Max Lao has been contracted by house Medani to investigate the deaths of several academics, all of which seem to be linked to their research into a specific tome. The academics are of various study focuses. He makes his way to the White Lotus Academy and also asks to accompany the group on their journey. As Fox Paw and Jubal wish to investigate a separate lead on the Shadow of the flame, and will have to join the group later, the group is only too happy to swell its ranks with an experienced adventurer.
The group heads toward the nearest lightning rail station. Before arriving, they are intercepted by a group of beasties that seem to slither rather than walk, and 3 of the 4 are actually skeletal! A battle ensues, which while diverting is quite one sided, the group triumphs with barely a bloody nose.
The lightning rail ride, is beautiful and scenic, it’s quite amazing to see the landscape fly by at such a rapid pace! Keira does, not waste the time on the train. She entertains the passengers (making a not inconsiderate sum on the side), but also gathers some significant information from some of the first class passengers. The biggest trove of information comes from an older dwarf named Drago Darn who is a member of the Aurum (of the silver level, quite high placement!). Also in first class is Vink, a decidedly uncouth Halfling. Before departing the train, the group buys several feather tokens, which will aid with any falls in Sharn (making sure to have enough for colleagues that may later join them.
The group decides first priority is Morgrave University, where they hope to find a way to translate the Tome. Eden knows one of the professors there, though it has been a few years. The group arrives at the university and tracks down Jana, Eden’s former classmate. Though she seems helpful and directs them to an antiquities and languages scholar named Therby, Max determines that Jana is hiding something, and it is revealed that she was told to push the group in that direction! Through a sending stone, the group informs the White Lotus headmaster of events to this point.
The group decides to spring the trap, but not without some help. They recruit Bron, a university guardsman, and 15 of his colleagues to aid them in this endeavor. The group marches down to the bowels of Morgrave, to confront the trap.
They are not disappointed. Waiting for them, is Zoldathra, the Master of the Word; who has tied Therby to an alter and obviously plans to sacrifice him – to unknown purpose. Also in the room are nearly a dozen foulspawn wretches, slimy bulbous minor devils.
The group formulates a plan and attacks. The guards take on the wretches and the group focuses on Zoldathra. The Wretches are not much of a hindrance, but Zoldathra does not go down easily. He even manages to charm Eden into attacking the rest of the party. Eventually, though after a long battle, the group emerges victorious. Onto the spoils!



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