Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Eberron Session 1

session 1

Vikaris (paladin, Riya (avenger), Keira (bard), and Jubal (monk) meet with the typically pompous, arrogant but succinct Bodel Arthen.

He informs them the Silver Flame requires them to Journey to Blackroot and retrieve the coat of eyes a potentially dangerous item that the Silver Flame wishes to cleanse.

The group embark on an 800 mile journey to the Shadow Marches. The journey ultimately proves uneventful.

Approaching the town (weary and muddy) the group is met with a bit of scorn and disdain but not outright hostility.

After asking some questions and getting nowhere the group meets Toraash Dorrm the Reeve of the town. he tells them their contact (Doria Veledaar) has left for Sharn with her family. Jobal is extremely doubtful Toraash is telling the truth. He does, however, show the group Doria’s residence.

The group investigates and finds again the villagers are not helpful. In the house they find signs of a covered up struggle. Further they find a residue of arcane energy (Keira) and a blood trail (Jobal). They also find the blade of an obsidian dagger and an amulet with an eye embedded into it. Keira is stopped outside by an old grizzled orc who warns her to leave now or be subject to “the harvest.”

The trail (blood and arcane) lead outside the town to a cave opening. 2 woodcutters are guarding the cave opening, and brush off the party(citing a private religious ceremony). The group moves to investigate and the woodcutters attack (proving themselves far from ordinary when one opens his mouth and his tongue attacks the PCs!), further backed up by 2 orcs hidden in the surrounding foliage.

After a long difficult fight the group emerges victorious (though battered and bloodied and Vikaris has shown a literally diabolic side of himself). Aside from the mundane gear and weapons, the group finds an Earth-Wrought hammer(and a tongueworm (though no one in the party seems to want to use it ;) ). The group takes a brief break, and moves on.

The group descends into the cave and finds a writhing lifelike script (blood red of course) occupies the walls. Keira attempts to understand it, and after a brief psychic struggle, realizes it is the names of the many victims of the “Harvest” – their souls are trapped within the writing and the walls.

The group proceeds further and encounters a magical glyph. Keira attempts to deactivate it arcanely and after quite the struggle (where she almost sets it off) manages (the knowledge of the trapped souls seems to slightly help).

Moving further the Group hears chanting in an unrecognized speech. Jubal investigates and finds chanting cultists with an orc bodyguard and let by a Dolgaunt! The room is overseen by a large unblinking living eye!!

The group surmises that the eye will not affect anyone wearing holy symbols of the right god and, as they have several, put them on.

They then proceed to barge into the room and with the element of surprise wreak havoc. The cultists, orc and dolgaunt all fall to the concentrated assault. The group discovers about 60 gold a nice (though disturbing) platinum bracelet (110 gp), a Tangler (again which no one wishes to touch let alone use) and a suit of Healer’s leather .

Taking a deep breath, even more bloodied and battered than before, the group prepares to descend into Khyber to rescue Doria.



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