Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Session 10

As Riya and Vicaris investigate rummors in the warehouse district, the rest of the group follows up on the traitor in the garrison leads.

Investigation leads to a clothing shop (what is it with fabric?) owned by a nice old lady that Jubal negotiates with. A silk scarf (with some nice properties, a bargain at 500 hard earned gold) and some information later (the traitor is likely dead in the sewers, but whatever he was pursuing is worth investigating) the group is off to the sewers. They make a stop at the Garrison and convince Anton D’Deneith to acompany them – as Vicaris and Riya have not yet reunited with the group.

The sewer entrance is, as quite expected, a long slimy decent by ladder. Not trusting the ladder, the group lowers a rope, and Torvald throws down a sunrod to light the way. Jubal decends first, to scout. Unfortunately, he immediately notices that the sun rod has drawn some attention from two carrion crawlers. He swings on to the wall and clings to it to avoid the crawlers. But they just shimmy up the wall with no problem at all. The rest of the group swings down and engages he crawlers. With the groups combined might, the battle is won – though at least half the group can’t move by the end of the encounter.

Moving on along in the sewers, the journey is icky but uneventful – until low voices are heard in a room ahead. Jubal again scouts ahead, and finds a room full of ghouls crouched over a table. Signaling the rest of the group, he bursts into the room, jumps on the table and proceeds to kick and punch the ghouls. The rest of the group joins, and though the ghouls are vicous and difficult to kill – they are eventually overwhelmed. Turns out they were poring over a journal, that discusses a hitherto undiscovered relic in the sw side of the sewers. Purpose renewed, the group prepares for the further forray into the sewers.



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