Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Session 11

Session write-up 5-06-11
Riya and Vikaris re-join the group. Investigating some of his own issues, Jubal heads out of the sewers with the intent to rejoin at a later time.
Moving along the sewers, the group encounters no shortage of disgusting sludge, slime and other airborne nastiness, their constitutions stretch to the limit to fight off the various diseases.
Moving through one narrow corridor, the Acolytes encounter a group of ravenous ghouls, which are only too happy for the opportunity of dinner. The encounter is further complicated by the green slime lurking on the ceiling. Despite the vigor of the opponents, the acolytes triumph in the end.
Exploring further, the group is ambushed by an undead tiefling, while at the same time exposed to the mercy of a spout of fire within the room, that targets all indiscriminately. Wordlessly, the monstrosity attacks with a deadly combination of poisoned short swords. He is quite mobile and the acolytes have a bit of trouble accounting for all the movement. Still, in the end he falls to the ground inanimate. The only oddity the group notices is the marking of a shadowy flame (3 lines in a certain pattern) on the vestments of the fallen undead
The acolytes witness and incorporeal form rising from the ground. The spirit of Sir Geo Arnd one of the first Paladins of the Silver Flame challenges the group on why they are worthy of the treasure of his tomb. Vikaris, before answering inquires about the tiefling, and is told the brief and sad history of Arjani squire of the Silver Flame and tragedy. Though the way is rough, the group convinces Sir Arnd to allow the use of his armor – a relic thought lost to the mists of history.
The group rests (with some, such as Keira, struggling to overcome the filth fever that seems native to the sewers).
The group moves South and west cautiously, but there are no further problems until they reach the farthest southwest corner. There, they encounter what was once a clearly regal and beautiful woman, no desiccated and decaying. This does not stop the woman from accosting the acolytes with all her might. The group is thrown all over the chamber, and for a brief time Riya falls under the woman’s spell and attacks her own party. But again, the group is victorious. After a brief search, they again find evidence of the shadowy 3 line mark. This will clearly require further examination.



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