Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Session 7

Why is it always necromancers?

You are slowly making your way back to Flamekeep (none of the galloping urgency that led you to over the Aundair border in the first place). Keeping mostly along the road around the Silver Wood, you happen upon a young man on the road, who hails you as Knights of the Silver Flame! A little surprised (as technically only Vikaris holds that distinction, and not yet landed at that) you stop to hear his tale of growing up in the woods. He offers to work under you to develop a better understanding of the Flame – and Riya and Vikaris you are always looking for new converts.

Of (perhaps) more interest to the rest of the group, he claims to have encountered a Necromancer on the outskirts here! Are there more? Foxpaw certainly sees traces of travel into the woods that could easily hide such an elicit den, The Church is always looking out for dark magic, and in these dark times (Aventhemon almost succeeded and his taint may still linger in the land) rooting it out is more important than ever. Of a more mundane nature, you are relatively near Thaliost a powder keg of rebellion on the Thrane, Aundair border; skilled adventurers are always in demand whether to help keep the peace or to take on some of the more dangerous work that the Thranish military and or militia would shy away from (Bodel Arden mentioned this and there could be potential for good deeds, adventure and on a baser level, loot).

And of course, going back to Flamekeep with news and potential for more travel and missions is always a good option, among others.

The group hears a Robin’s call. Foxpaw realizes there is something unnatural about the sound, at least for this area. A further near supernatural effort lets him spot the small eye, now observing the party. This tips the scales for the group and they decide to investigate the possible necromancer threat.

Moving into the forest, the group is held up by some indecision on whether to scout, simply rush forward, or other course of action. The discussion is cut short when 6 gargoyles (skeletal gargoyles!) glide in and attack the group. Jubal acts quickly and makes short work of the first skeleton that lands. The rest of the group is not quite so fast and are quite harried by the beasts. Still, the outcome is inevitable as less than a minute later the foes lie vanquished in piles of decaying bones. Keira manages to collect some residuum from the magic animating the gargoyles.

Going forward, the group moves deeper into a dark, decaying area of the forest let by Foxpaw and Prydin the group’s newest addition. Eventually they come upon an iron door clearly barring a passage into the bowels of Eberron. When Foxpaw touches the door a magic mouth appears and extols: “to the Keeper, a sacrifice must be made!” with no action forthcoming a long tongue sprouts from the mouth and promptly lashes out to draw blood from Foxpaw’s jaw. After some deliberation with the group, Foxpaw again touches the door and offer’s blood as a sacrifice. The mouth accepts and after drinking its fill swings open the door.

Moving further and further down, the group hears chanting in a far off room, after some commentary about how they seem to keep interrupting dark rituals, the group sends Jubal to scout. He determines the room is filled with 3 chanting necromancers and several zombies. The group bursts in and despite being constantly held fast by zombie gibbets and various necromancer spells, eventually slay all of the foul beings in the room. For their efforts the group finds a bloody but salvageable Blessed book, a Moonsilver staff. And the necromancers collection of coins and gems (500 gold worth). Of a more troubling nature, they find a note – clearly on paper from Flamekeep with the Silver Flame emblem! “Need makes strange bedfellows, please make sure it is delivered as soon as you are successful.”



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