Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Session 9 (or so)

The Dopplegangers lie dead and their lair is sufficiently looted. Fox Paw received a finger wound and clearly some kind of poison/disease during the looting, but the effects seem relatively minimal for now. The revelation that a member of the Silver Flame may be directly involved, is troubling but really not particularly surprising given the events in Thaliost to date.

The group ponders their next series of moves – with the found papers (and the names on them) there is certainly room to accuse certain people, but how to go about it? The group decides to go to the House Deneith barracks and once again speak to the commander, which may provide answers and also hopefully a means to cure Fox Paw.

The conversation with the Commander is quite successful (which may have something to do with Keira, but that’s a separate issue) and the group gets some leads on the names they found and as importantly Fox Paw is cured with a relative minimum of fuss.

There was some talk about avenues to pursue -

After some talk the group investigates leads from the Deneith camp. This eventually leads to the warehouse district; specificaly, the shop of J’hanna. Unfortunately, the groups efforts at subtelty are not fully successful, and they are met with wand fire the minute they get near the shop. After an extended battle with an J’Hanna (an artificer) and her minions the group stands victorious. They interrogate J’hanna and for the promise of never returning to Thaliost (and the contents of her shop) let her go. Investigation of the shop reveals many fine silks, but more importantly a book of rituals That sets some of the party salivating.

Also some leads on the traitor on the Deneith guard – which the group sets to investigating.



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