Riya is a Deva Avenger who seeks to destroy evil as the Church of the Silver Flame directs. Currently assigned to follow, report and take action against the Tiefling Paladin Vikaris as he travels on the Church's business.


AC = 17 HP = 28 Fort = 13 Ref = 14 Will = 15


As a Deva, Riya knows that she has lived before and will live on again. In this earthly life she felt a strong pull towards the mission of the Church of the Silver Flame. What better way to spend a life then in the service of destroying evil?

Currently she has been assigned by Bodel Arthen to watch over the new Paladin Vikaris. Some members of the Church are skeptical that a Tiefling has been chosen as a Paladin of the Silver Flame. Since Riya is an Avenger and lives essentially to smite demons, undead and any other manifestation of evil when its necessary, Bodel could think of no one better suited or skilled then to keep a careful eye on Vikaris. And to bring an end to Vikaris if the demon nature of the Tieflings is truly drives him.

Riya is well aware that Paladins are chosen by the Silver Flame not made. Though she accepted her assignment willingly and will her full fill her mission she is more open then the Church hierarchy. She believes there was a reason for Vikaris being chosen but does not yet know if he was chosen to be a great force of good for the Church or as a test of her faith in the Church. Time will tell.


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