Fox Paw



Fox Paw grew up in the woods of the northeastern Eldeen Reaches. The family of Changelings never stayed in one place for too long, worried about the reactions other would have to their true racial nature. In the shape of humans the family traveled the forests, trading or working as guides for what they could not make themselves. The semi-nomadic family was on good terms with all the towns and villages of the lands the frequented, often helping the peoples with whatever troubles plagued their towns.

Among Fox Paw’s childhood friends was the youthful Torvald. The two played together often as possible and Fox Paw eventually trusted Tolvard with the secret of his Changeling nature. When Tolvard traveled into the Demon Wastes to seek help in his budding sorcerer powers Fox Paw and his parents accompanied the human as guides, and when Tolvard struck out to seek the Church of the Silver Flame for further tutelage Fox Paw left his family to journey with his friend.

Fox Paw

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