Storm Sorcerer of the Eldeen Reaches



Torvald hails from a relatively small village in the north east corner of the Eldeen Reaches near the Eldeen Bay called Oakvale. One night, 14 years ago, a horrible storm crashed through the area. The storm dealt considerable damage but the village was able to scrape by and survive the storm. While out surveying the damage, an elf and human couple by the names of Keyleth and Mikal stumbled across an unconscious child, 9 years of age, lying next to a lightning struck tree. They quickly brought him back to the village to receive what medical attention he could. When he came too, they asked him what he was doing here and if he was from the area. The child couldn’t remember a thing, not even his own name or where he was from. The village sent out messengers asking locals if anyone would come and claim the child. When a month passed and no one came, Keyleth and Mikal figured he was perhaps an orphan, his parents killed in the storm. They gave him the name Torvald and took him in as their own.

As Torvald grew up he quickly learned he had a power within him. Whenever storms passed by he felt a deep connection with them. One night during another dark storm he walked out into the open while others took cover. When a lightning bolt struck from the sky downward, he threw out his arms, guiding it safely away from a building before it could strike it on fire. From then on he felt his sorcerer powers begin to unlock. At first his powers were controllable and not that hard to conjure. However as he grew older he felt as if his power was being bottled up inside. It felt to him like he needed to release his power and whenever he did the power was uncontrollable. Fearing he might hurt someone he asked around looking for any help. His foster parents told him of an old wizard/sorcerer by the name of Zilean who once lived in the area. They told him that if anyone might be able to help him it would be Zilean. There was only one problem. Zilean had left awhile ago to go help people… in the Demon Wastes.

Torvald had no choice in his mind. To help control his storm powers he needed to seek out Zilean. He set out north to the Demon Wastes hiring guides and what help he could. He learned that thankfully Zilean was not far into the Demon Wastes from the Eldeen Reaches border, not to discount the dangers of the Wastes. It was a difficult journey but Torvald eventually found Zilean’s new home. A hidden arcane sanctuary for himself and any people who needed aid who might’ve been lost in the wastes.

Torvald explained the situation to the old man. Zilean agreed to help Torvald though admitted he was not familiar with the storm powers that Torvald had and also that a sorcerer’s power was greatly dependent on the users own mind set and abilities. The old man helped Torvald get a grip on his powers and better control them but also informed Torvald that he was not prepared enough to help him for all his powers. Zilean explained that for now Torvald would be fine but would need more help down the road if he wished to pursue unlocking more power. Zilean warned Torvald that it could be a dangerous road, not just from a view point of what employment Torvald would be doing with his powers but from himself should he continue to tap the storm. Thanking the old man for his help and warning, Torvald asked if there was anyone else who would be able to help should that day come. Thinking about it, Zilean could think of no one. Being from the Eldeen Reaches he advised against going to Aunduir for help from any of the mages there, as he himself felt distrustful of any mages due to tensions from the Last War. However he did give a piece of advice. During the Last War Zilean had aided the Silver Flame while also defending the Reaches. He made many friends in the Silver Flame and informed Torvald that perhaps if he joined up with them they could in return aid him in finding a way to control his power in the future. Being rather in different to the many different religions, Torvald figured the Silver Flame would be a safe bet.

Torvald returned to Oakvale to inform his parents of what had happened. After ensuring them that he was indeed fine and safe, he told them of Zilean’s advice. His parents were hesitant at first, knowing this could put him in considerable danger, but knew if he could survive the Demon Wastes he could survive anywhere. Besides, he was a young man now at 23 and it was well into his time to choose his path of life.

With a final hug, Torvald took to the roads in search of a dignitary of the Silver Flame to join up with them and perhaps find away to control his future powers.


Acolytes of the Silver Flame Dominion