Acolytes of the Silver Flame

Dec. 16 game - Hooray for Dragonmarks!

Keira waits outside (for Jubal?) as the rest of the group follow Sachalrim the Yuan-Ti Occultist down the pipe he had opened. This after having witnessed Kylar (the girl you were supposed to rescue) “fall” into the hole.

The group sees Sachalrim fleeing past a bunch of cells holding prisoners from the village and intercepts him, unfortunately he is also backed up by several Cultists and a major fight ensues. The group is aided by Merrit an artificer (with a clear dragonmark of house Cannith). The fight is long, fierce and difficult but the group eventually prevails with no casualties.

The artificer, impressed with the groups prowess asks that you help locate his friend Ralsor D’Lyrander. An airship pilot (and heir of house Lyrander) that has gone missing.

The group first takes all of the hostages back to town, relaxes and recuperates.

They then take on the quest to find Ralsor. This task, is either aided or impeded (you are not sure which yet) by an elemental galleon almost falling out of the sky.

The group manages to get aboard (even as it’s still flying) and is immediately onset by ghouls.

Disposing of these, there is still the slight problem of the plummeting ship. Looking for a solution, the party sees a group of ghouls about to execute a man. Fox Paw, apparently not the least bit stunned or disgusted by such a site, rushes into the fray to rescue the prisoner. He grabs the prisoner and moves to the side as the rest of the party engages the ghouls.

This turns out to be an interesting move as the man grabs Fox Paw says “the prophecy must continue) at which point the mans Dragonmark slithers onto Fox Paw’s body!

The party manages to neutralize the ghouls. Fox Paw, realizing he can now control the ship, runs for the wheel and straightens it out.

And that’s the story so far.



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